Jaybird Sanke Keg Yeast Brink
Jaybird Sanke Keg Yeast Brink
How to Measure Keg Depth from Keg Neck for Downcomer Length

Yeast Brink - Sanke Keg

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Jaybird Sanke Keg Yeast Brink
SKU 3793
Downcomer Length:
Custom Downcomer Length:

Jaybird™ Sanke Keg Yeast Brink

with 30-1/8 inch Downcomer

(downcomer length can be customized)


·         Add, remove, and harvest yeast using a Sanke keg

… All in an oxygen-free environment. The exhaust port keeps the contents of the fermenter as undisturbed as possible!

At the start of fermentation, yeast love oxygen. You can use this Yeast Brink to:

·         Oxygenate wort inside the fermenter prior to pitching yeast

The Gas In port is a standard Gas Ball Lock post, accepts any standard barbed (SKU# 0132) or flared (SKU# 0134) gas ball lock connector (not included).

OPTIONAL: Modify Downcomer length!

Fact: Not all Sanke kegs are the same.

To get optimal performance you need between 1 inch and 1.5 inches of clearance between the downcomer and the keg bottom. This gives plenty of room for yeast to move into and out of the oversized tube while optimizing Sanke keg usable volume.

The inner depth from keg neck to bottom changes from one brand to another. This is evident by the various lengths of spears that we have removed over the years.

To get the best “no weld” Yeast Brink for your specific Sanke keg, let NorCal Brewing Solutions build you a custom-length downcomer!

It’s simple! Use the pull-down menu to select “Modify Downcomer Length”, then specify the measured length in the text box.

Modification fee will cover any downcomer length SHORTER than the standard downcomer length of 30-1/8 inches, and up to 2 inches LONGER.

How to measure your keg depth:

·         Remove Keg Spear. View our helpful YouTube video on how to do this HERE.

·         Measure. Using a rigid measuring tape, feed the tip of the tape through the keg neck straight down to the concave keg bottom.

·         Align. Keeping the tip of the tape in place on the keg bottom, slightly move the top part of the measuring tape to where it touches the very top flat part of the keg neck.

·         Write Down the measurement. This is what you will enter in the text box.

NOTE: Your measurement will be SIGNIFICANTLY less than 30-1/8”. We will do all the math to determine the actual length of your custom downcomer, targeting 1 inch to 1.5 inches of space UNDER the tube.


·         1 x SKU# 3794 Standard 30-1/8” Length Downcomer (modify length using pull-down menu).

·         1 x 1.5” Tri Clover Butterfly Valve

·         1 Ball valve with Corny Ball Lock CO2 Gas Out.

·         2 inch tri-clover clamp to attach Brink to the Sanke Keg. (Use 2” Flat Half Gasket – SKU# 28 – not included - to connect Yeast Brink to Sanke keg)


·         Metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

·         Downcomer tubing is 1.5” x .065 thickness

·         Top connection is 1.5” Tri Clover (Use Clamp SKU# 808 – not included - and Gasket SKU# 1676 – not included)

·         Sanke Keg connection is 2” Tri Clover

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