Jaybird Dough Ball Destroyer Ultimate Brewing Mash Paddle Stir End
Jaybird Dough Ball Destroyer Ultimate Brewing Mash Paddle Stir End
Jaybird Dough Ball Destroyer Ultimate Brewing Mash Paddle Stir End2
Jaybird Dough Ball Destroyer Ultimate Brewing Mash Paddle X Head On View
Jaybird Dough Ball Destroyer Ultimate Brewing Mash Paddle Drill End

Brewing Paddle - ULTIMATE Dough Ball Destroyer

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Heavy duty reinforced-weld paddle with narrow blades, deep reach, built in hex bit.
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Jaybird™ ULTIMATE “Dough Ball Destroyer”
Heavy Duty Mash Paddle

304 Stainless Steel – 30-1/4” Long, 4 Blades

Built-in 3/8” Hex Bit


Extremely versatile heavy duty “Dough Ball Destroyer” mash paddle with built in hex bit. Works with ALL 1/2" drills and MOST 3/8” drills (see note at bottom) 


·         Designed for larger, deeper vessels

·         30-1/4” over-all length will reach down nicely into 55 gallon drums and other multi-barrel volume vessels

·         Extreme duty design with folded-over blades, multiple TIG weld spots per blade

·         Works great with mashes that contain larger grain kernels (such as corn)

·         Narrow (1-5/8” wide) blade design works great with thick mashes

·         Use with a power drill at higher speed settings to:

·         Break up “dough ball” clumps that form anywhere (top, middle, bottom) in your mash

·         Aerate wort (after cooling) for enhanced yeast activity

·         Drill attachment end: Features welded 3/8” hex bit so you can optionally attach to a power drill for the ultimate in easy mashing

·         Blade end:

·         3/32” holes on 5/32” centers – Made from the same material as our famous Jaybird False Bottoms

·         Allows ultimate stirring of mash liquids and solids for even temperature distribution throughout your mash

·         Creates a strong, whip-like aeration in cooled wort when used with a power drill. Yeast LOVE the extra oxygen this infuses!

·         Features plastic plug so mash, trub, or wort doesn’t enter the paddle tube

·         Quality construction – Lifetime limited warranty on all stainless steel components. Made in USA.

NOTE: Our 3/8” stainless hex bit measures EXACTLY 3/8”. MOST, but not ALL 3/8” drills will accept this bit. Some 3/8” drill brands are just shy of actually opening a full 3/8”. To play it safe, we recommend that you have a 1/2” drill on hand.

YouTube Video: Whirlpool, Stir, or Mash
Paddle - What's the Difference?

Average rating:
average rating 60%
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average rating 60%
Too good :) 05/16/2023
By Neal Hannath
I used it to bust up a corn mash in a plastic cooler. No sign of any dough balls. However when I emptied the cooler the metal has destroyed the inside of the cooler. Large gashes and plastic in the mash. Maybe it wasn't meant for use in a cooler. It did the job but possibly destructive to a cooler.

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