Sanke Keg Ball Lock Serving Connect Close Up View
Sanke Keg Ball Lock Serving Connect Close Up View
Sanke Keg Ball Lock Serving Connect
Sanke Keg Ball Lock Serving Connect on Keg

Sanke Keg Ball Lock Serving Connect

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Force carbonate and serve in ANY Sanke keg using Ball Lock CO2 and Liquid connections. Dip tube length is adjustable from keg to keg. Clamp and gasket sold separately.

SKU 3009

Sanke Keg Ball Lock Serving Connect

Carbonate and Serve in ANY Sanke Keg

304 Stainless Steel


Now you can force carbonate and serve using any Sanke keg without the hassles!

Adjustable racking cane adapts to any size keg, while Ball Lock connections allow quick and easy adaptation to your existing Cornelius (Corny) soda keg setup.

Works with ALL Half Barrel (15.5 gallon) American, 50 Liter (13.2 gallon) European, and 1/6 Barrel (5 gallon) Sanke kegs.


·         All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

Adjustable Racking Cane Specifics:

·         Pass-through compression fitting allows tube height to be adjusted up or down the cane shaft

·         High temperature o-ring sits inside compression fitting – Prevents liquid and gas from passing through fitting

·         Over-all length is 28.4 inches – sliding assembly adjusts to fit any size keg

·         Tube is .5” outer diameter.

 Tri-Clover Pass-Through Cross Connector:

·         Requires a 2" Tri Clover clamp (sku# 1105 - sold separately) and 2" Tri Clover Flat Half Gasket (sku# 28 - sold separately) for connecting directly to keg

 Liquid Ball Lock Connector:

·         Is located at the very top of the cane

·         Use a standard “Liquid Out” Ball Lock (SKU# 0131 or SKU# 0133 – sold separately) to quickly connect and disconnect liquid

·         Can be used to infuse liquid INTO the keg with minimum splashing

·         Can be used to infuse CO2 into the BOTTOM of the keg, for bottom-up carbonation

CO2 Ball Lock Connector:

·         Use a standard “Gas In” Ball Lock (SKU# 0132 or SKU# 0134 – sold separately) to quickly connect and disconnect CO2 source

·         Set CO2 regulator to high PSI to force carbonate keg contents, then reduce pressure to dispense directly from keg

 Keg, Tri Clover clamp and gasket are for illustration only, and are not included

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Sanke Fermentor Must Have 09/28/2021
By Derrick McManus
I got this apparatus for doing cold crashes and closed pressure transfers out of my Sanke Kegs that I ferment in. I used to use a carboy cap and a stainless cane with a filter screen around it but this is a vast improvement. It performed flawlessly for what I needed it for, I was still able to use my filter screen, and I really like the adjustable depth as I have several sizes of Sankes that I use. It also came with the compression rings to set a permanent length if desired. It shipped fast and arrived with all it's pieces, they even included a half-flat 2" tri-clover gasket extra for the neck and a nice letter from the person who fulfilled my order. An overall great product and experience from NorCal Brewing Solutions.
average rating 100%
Great product 09/04/2019
By Benjamin
I'm aging under pressure in a sanke keg as I write this thanks to the professional job performed. My invoice was signed by the famous Jay. I should frame it for when he has reached true celebrity status in the industry.

I have nothing bad to say about the fitting.

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