4 Centimeter plastic coated magnetic stir bar for yeast propagation

Stir Bar - Magnetic - 1-1/4"

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4 Centimeter x 5/16" thick magnetic stir bar. Food grade plastic coating. A little thicker than most stir bars in this length.

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Stir Bar Magnet

Food Grade Plastic Coated

4 Centimeter (1.57) x 5/16 Thick


Nothing is better for yeast propagation than a properly aerated yeast starter!

Usage: Use inside a flask that is placed on a stir plate. Great size for 2 liter and larger Erlenmeyer flasks.

Safe for use in heated or unheated stir plate applications.


         4 Centimeters long (= 1.57 inches = 1-9/16)

         5/16 inches thick

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