Jaybird 1.5

Tri Clover - 1.5" Top Cap Gas In Blow Off System

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Jaybird 1.5" Tri Clover Top Cap Gas In Blow Off System. Clamp and gasket sold separately.
SKU 3596

Gas In Blow Off System

1.5 Inch Tri Clover

304 Stainless Steel


Ever have the desire to be able to completely shut off your conical fermenter (or any other vessel with a 1.5 inch Tri Clover connection such as a Ss Brewtech Chronical) in order to add gas under pressure to carbonate the contents?

Tight for space (height) in your fermentation chamber? This gas blow off system is the lowest-profile blow off setup we manufacture in the 1.5 inch Tri Clover size.

Comes complete with full-port half inch NPT stainless steel ball valve, 1.5 inch Tri Clover tee, and standard gas-in ball lock post. Perfect for Low Oxygen Transfers (LOT).

Add one of our Clean in Place (CIP) spray heads (SKU# 3607 or SKU# 2803) to the bottom of the cap and now you can have a nice, clean (or even sanitized) fermenter, ready for your next batch!

Requires 1.5 inch Tri Clover clamp (SKU# 0808) and gasket (SKU# 1676) for proper connection (not included).


         All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

         Standard Half Inch NPT Female threads on full port ball valve

         Gas In ball lock post accepts standard barbed (SKU# 0132) or flared (SKU# 0134) ball locks (sold separately)


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