2 Inch Tri Clover Top Cap x 1/2 Inch NPT Female Tee
2 Inch Tri Clover Top Cap x 1/2 Inch NPT Female Tee
2 Inch Tri Clover Top Cap x 1/2 Inch NPT Female Tee Bottom View

Tri Clover - 2 Top Cap x 1/2 Female Tee

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2 Inch Stainless Steel Tri Clover Top Cap with 1/2" NPT Female Tee
SKU 3423

Tri Clover Top Cap NPT Tee

2" TC x 1/2" NPT Female Tee

304 Stainless Steel


Attach three 1/2" NPT Male connecting items to each other through use of a 2 inch tri-clover master connection.

Allows NPT Male items to be connected INSIDE a conical fermenter, Sanke keg, etc. and connected to the outside world with two additional standard 1/2" NPT Male connections.

Sample uses:

         On top of conical fermenter for ball valve blow-off and gas in (for oxygen-free and pressure transfers)

         Standard Sanke keg (half barrel, 50 liter, 1/6 barrel, etc.)

         On top of 2 inch tri-clover stills for thermometer attachment

This item is similar to our SKU# 2804, except that the Tee is welded to the cap HORIZONTALLY, instead of VERTICALLY.


         All components are 304 Stainless Steel

         Requires a Tri Clover clamp and gasket (not included)

         NOTE: Through-hole is off center (we use this same base component in our thermowell NPT Female Tee, which requires extra space next to the through-hole)

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