2 Inch Tri Clover x 2 Inch Tri Clover Yeast Brink with Exhaust Port

Yeast Brink - 2” TC x 2” TC

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average rating 80%

2" Tri Clover connection x 2" Tri Clover connection. Approximately 6-1/4" from underside of lid to tip of downcomer. Supply your own vessel (sight glass).

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Jaybird™ 2 Inch Tri Clover Yeast Brink

with 2 Inch Tri-Clover Bottom

(Built-in Exhaust Port)


This is the yeast brink body that we sell as part of our “Yeast Brink – 2” TC x 2” Sight Glass” kit (SKU# 3601).

This item is perfect if you already have an existing 2-inch Tri Clover sight glass or other 2-inch tri-clover / tri clamp container you wish to use as a yeast collection device.

COMPATIBLE WITH MOST (but not all) 2-INCH SIGHT GLASSES: Inner diameter of 2-inch sight glass must be at least 1-7/8”. (Especially important regarding Spike Brewing sight glasses).

Extra-large downcomer tube extends 6.25 inches below the bottom of the 2-inch tri clover cap (make sure your container is at least 6.5 inches deep)

·         Add, remove, and harvest yeast from the bottom of a conical fermenter

·         Add and remove hops from the bottom of a conical fermenter (*See “Optional” section, below).

·         Force Carbonate beer inside the fermenter

… All in an oxygen-free environment. And the exhaust port keeps the contents of the fermenter as undisturbed as possible!

At the start of fermentation, yeast love oxygen. You can use this Yeast Brink to:

·         Oxygenate wort inside the fermenter prior to pitching yeast

Imagine… Taking a conical full of fresh beer wort and injecting yeast into it – yeast that was harvested from a conical that is finished with fermentation!

Imagine… 1) Placing pellet hops in a sight glass... 2) Dumping a beer sample from a conical into the sight glass to dissolve the hops…, then 3) Pushing those hops right back into the conical for dry hopping!

The exit port is a standard Gas Ball Lock post, accepts any standard barbed (SKU# 0132) or flared (SKU# 0134) gas ball lock connector (not included).


·         If hop transfers are your top priority: Consider using the pull-down menu (above) to have us shorten the downcomer tube by 1/4" - 3/8”. The shorter tube gives more clearance to better facilitate hop transfers.


·         304 Stainless Steel

·         2 Inch Tri Clover connection at top, 2 Inch Tri Clover connection at bottom

·         Down comer tube extends 6.25” below the bottom of the 2-inch tri clover cap.


Average rating:
average rating 80%
1 reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Must have fermenter tool 06/21/2021
By Peter Graham
Loved using this for yeast harvesting and then low/no oxygen dry hopping. Great tool for home brewers! Very easy to use if you have a handful of common brewers tools.
average rating 80%
-2-Inch-Yeast-Brink 02/01/2022
By Thomas Paffrath
It would be nice to see one made with 1 1/2 TC fittings. I have to use an 1 1/2 X 2 TC adapter ?
average rating 80%
Yeast Brink 06/03/2020
By Wynn McDonald
Great product and design. Does not work with the new 2" Spikes sight glass.

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