Canning Jar Yeast Harvester - Tri Clover - 2”

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2" tri-clover connection to a wide-mouth Ball, Kerr, or Mason canning jar
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Jaybird™ Tri Clover Yeast Harvester

2” TC x Ball, Kerr, or Mason Wide-Mouth Jar

304 Stainless Steel


One-of-a-kind Tri Clover connection yeast harvester for your fermenter!


1.    Slide the custom silicone gasket around the Harvester

2.    Place harvester on wide-mouth canning jar (not included) and tighten the canning jar’s lid over the Harvester

3.    Use tri-clover clamp and gasket (not included) to attach to the bottom outlet of a conical fermenter

4.    Open the fermenter’s ball valve, collect yeast into canning jar


·         304 Stainless Steel

·         2” tri-clover connection

·         Works with any “wide mouth” (3-inch inner opening) Ball, Kerr, Mason or equivalent canning jar

PLEASE NOTE: Canning jar, screw lid, tri-clover clamp, and conical fermenter are for illustration purposes only, and are not included!

WE ALSO OFFER COMPLETE Jaybird™ Ultimate Yeast Harvester Kits in 16, 32, and 64 ounce sizes. These expanded kits include the canning jar, screw lid, tri clover clamp with gasket and cap. Simply search for “Harvester” in our online store.

Average rating:
average rating 92%
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Upgrade for Fermzilla 10/25/2023
By 30+yrsBeerGuy
I got the 2” TC to Mason jar adapter as an upgrade for FermZilla 3.x fermenter. The original configuration had a 2” TC to custom o-ring sealed yeast harvester. The latest version went with a better 3” TC valve and harvester. The o-ring cap/jar always required 2 strap wrenches to open and although I gave the original equipment the benefit of a few tries, I decided to upgrade to the Kegland 3” valve and TC harvester, but after searching found this much lower cost jar adapter. Plus - if you want to store yeast, what better place than a glass canning jar. Much smaller solution as well plus I don’t have to store a unique harvesting jar with wide mouth Mason/Ball jars already in my kitchen. Definitely a worthy upgrade.
No cons, but I did buy extra seals if the rare failure of a silicon seal happens down the road.
average rating 60%
Opps 02/18/2020
This should come with instructions. And a deeper ring. Closed valve after collection. Did not remove jar immediately. Jar blew off from pressure. So unless your using asap, this will not stay tight? I'll try again, hopefully with better results. Do not close the valve unless you are removing!!!
average rating 100%
Great for harvesting trub 01/24/2021
By Jeff Dahlseid
I use this to collect trub from the wort in my conical fermentor before I oxygenate and pitch my yeast. It works flawlessly.

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