Jaybird Ultimate 2 Micron Carbonation Stone - Tri Clover - 2 Inch
Jaybird Ultimate 2 Micron Carbonation Stone - Tri Clover - 2 Inch
Jaybird Ultimate 2 Micron Carbonation Stone - Tri Clover - 2 Inch Gas Post

Ultimate Carbonation Stone - 2" Tri Clover

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2" Tri Clover clamp connection. 2 micron oxygen stone. Standard Gas Ball Lock connect
SKU 3767

Jaybird™ 2 Inch Tri Clover

Ultimate Carbonation Stone

(2 Micron)


“Oxygen” stones have long been a staple tool in the “advanced” home brewer’s toolbox at the wort level. What better way to get yeast excited about their upcoming buffet than to blow fine bubbles of oxygen through it? Dinner time, yeasty boys!

If oxygen works at the wort level, then why not use an oxygen stone - but blow CO2 through it - at the finished beer level?

Why not indeed! Turns out using an oxygen stone as a carbonation stone can reduce carbonation time to as little as 24 hours, and with NO CARBONATION BITE!

Our customers constantly challenge us to bring “pro” technology to the home brewer. So here ya go…

The 2 Inch Tri Clover Ultimate Carbonation Stone connects to your wort or beer source using standard tri clover clamp (SKU# 1105, sold separately) and gasket (SKU# 1059, sold separately), or… if using a standard beer keg vessel, our 2” Flat Half Gasket (SKU# 28, sold separately).

This unit is rugged enough to be used for forced pressure transfers between vessels, and for purging oxygen out of a vessel (by displacing it with heavier CO2).

The gas port “in” is a standard Gas Ball Lock post, accepts any standard barbed (SKU# 0132) or flared (SKU# 0134) gas ball lock connector (sold separately).

The oxygen stone (included) is our 2 micron, industry standard 1/4" FFL flared connection type (SKU# 2049). It threads into the 304 stainless steel housing, and is easily removed for cleaning. Best way to clean the stone is submersing it in boiling water for a few minutes. Do not touch with fingers once clean, as even a small amount of oil on your fingers can clog the fine 2 micron pores.

This item’s steel housing protects MOST of the stone (in case you drop it). The tip of the stone sticks past the housing about 3/16”, and will be about even with the vessel-end of the connection gasket once clamped to your wort or beer vessel.

To summarize:

·         Add oxygen to wort to get yeast excited

·         Add CO2 to beer to dramatically reduce carbonation time

·         Force transfer between vessels oxygen-free


·         Metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

·         Carbonation stone: 2 micron, 1/4" FFL threads, removable for cleaning

·         Connection: Standard 2” tri clover / tri clamp

·         Gas supply connection: Standard Gas Ball Lock post

·         Over-all length (from tip of ball lock post to tip of oxygen stone) 3.25 inches

·         Over-all width 2.5 inches


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2" Carbonation Stone 10/19/2022
By Mark Ingerman
Simply put,, this piece is amazing!!! I am able to attach this stone to the very bottom of my Spike conical fermenter that only has the 2" Tri Clover fittings. Before I had to attach my 1.5 " stone higher up on to my conical & I didn't feel like the bottom portion of the wort got equal amounts of oxygen. With the Spike sight glass, I can watch the oxygen fill my fermenter. Great Job NORCAL!
average rating 100%
Very well made 12/03/2022
By Paul Krupa
A solid piece of equipment. I will be using this as an oxygenation stone. The stone unscrews from the 2" fitting for easy sanitization. This is my first order and I will be coming back as there are MANY hard-to-find items! What a great website with so many great products!

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