Ultimate Ball, Kerr, Mason canning jar CO2 Harvester Kit with PRV

Ultimate CO2 Harvester Kit

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Ultimate wide-mouth Ball, Kerr, or Mason canning jar CO2 harvesting kit (does not include glass canning jars)
SKU 3488

Jaybird™ Ultimate CO2 Harvester Kit

304 Stainless Steel

(supply your own canning jars)


This Ultimate kit takes our regular CO2 Harvester kit (SKU# 3210) and adds the ability to hook up an external CO2 source in ADDITION to the natural CO2 harvested during fermentation.

Allows cold crashing of large and small fermenters with no backflush to ruin fermented product. No exposure to air!

Buy the kit and save some buck$ over purchasing the individual components.

Kit works with all Ball, Kerr, and Mason brand wide mouth canning jars (sold separately). Enough hose is supplied in the kit to support up to 64 ounce (2 quart) canning jars.

Although this is a low temperature application we supply Hi-Temp tubing because it won’t bend and kink like vinyl tubing does.



Kit includes the following components:

·         CO2 Harvester Cap with Grommet and Gas Ball Lock Connector (SKU# 3487)

·         CO2 Harvester Cap with Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and Gas Ball Lock Connector (SKU# 3486)

·         2 x Gas Ball Locks (SKU# 132)

·         24 inches of 3/8” inner diameter Hi-Temp Silicone Tubing (SKU# 0396)

·         4 inches of 1/4" inner diameter Beverage Line Tubing (SKU# 407)

·         2 x Wide Mouth Canning Jar Silicone Gaskets (SKU# 2770)

·         Double-bubble airlock (SKU# 0196)

·         Metal components are 304 Stainless Steel


YouTube Video: Ultimate CO2 Harvester Kit

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Great System, make sure to check things are sealing correctly 01/31/2020
By Ian Brennan
I attribute most of my struggles to user error. That is to say I am embarrassed that I didn’t do a few key things when I got the kit:

1. Check that the male ball lock fittings are tightened down on both jar lids. Mine were not, I didn’t notice until liquid was obviously not moving from one jar to the other.

2. Make sure your gaskets around the edges of the jar lids are nicely seated. Mine had kind of twisted. Another reason My system couldn’t correctly pressurize and push the liquid to the second jar.

3. Check the system works, you can use co2 if you’re fancy but you won’t ever be generating all that much pressure when fermenting so just blowing into the tubing connected to the first jar should tell you if you’ve made a solid seal everywhere. If you blow and it sounds like a ballon deflating almost as fast as your co2 harvesting dreams you’re doing it wrong. You should hear only the soothing sounds of air lock bubbles, if you don’t go back to step 1. I believe in you

Our responseThanks for the informative and humorous review, Ian! We love customers like you! Victor.
average rating 60%
Prompt Delivery 11/22/2022
By Christopher Cunningham
I ordered this item due to cold crashing and lagering. I would suck StarSan through my blow-off tube into my beer. The product came and it was exactly what was pictured. I put it together and tested it with StarSan and it worked great! I brewed a 10G batch of Christmas ale and hooked it up to my blowoff tube. I never saw any action/bubbles on day 3 so I took it off the harvester kit and just put the blowoff tube into the jar of StarSan and the bubbles started rolling. So, I'm not sure why it wasn't bubbling using the harvester kit. I even blew through the blow-off tube and pulled suction back and it worked as intended. I just hooked it back up and left it. I will know more in a week. So, in theory by just blowing and pulling suction this product worked as intended, but when it is installed and CO2 is coming off the blow-off mine does not produce any bubbles....
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o2 free trub dumping 07/19/2020
By Ralph Smit
I used a 64oz. mason jars to collect the co2 produced during fermentation. Combining the co2 Harvester kit with the Tri-clover blow off tube on my Grainfather Conical fermenter I was able to sample, dump trub and yeast during the entire fermentation without exposing the beer to oxygen. Finally when it was time to keg I could effortless hook up a gas-line to the harvester to achieve close transfer and keep o2 away from the finished beer throughout the process.
Well constructed piece of equipment, which is simple and effective.

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Ball, Kerr, Mason canning jar CO2 Harvester Kit
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