Sight Glass Sight Gauge - 4 Inch Tri Clover 304 Stainless Steel

Tri Clover - Sight Glass - 4"

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304 Stainless Steel and glass sight gauge, glass. 4" Tri clover connections on both ends.
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Sight Glass

4” Tri Clover Connection

304 Stainless Steel and Glass


Use this quality 304 stainless steel and glass 4-Inch Tri Clover connection Sight Glass:

·         In a still:

·         See what’s going on INSIDE the still while it is running

·         In a brewery application:

·         Use in-line between your Mash Lauter Tun and Boil Kettle


·         8” tall x 6” wide

·         53 ounces (1.5 L) liquid capacity

·         Hefty 8 pounds

·         4” Tri Clover connection (clamps and gaskets sold separately)

·         All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

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