Jaybird Custom Cut False Bottom, Handle, Hole, Integrated Stand, No Hinge
Jaybird Custom Cut False Bottom, Handle, Hole, Integrated Stand, No Hinge
Jaybird Separate Stand for False Bottoms up to 18 inches

False Bottom - Custom Size - 11-1/16" - 12"

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Jaybird Custom cut false bottom - 11-1/16" to 12" in diameter - Specify exact size at check-out.
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Munton's Extra Light Liquid Malt Extract Syrup - NorCal Brewing Solutions

Jaybird False Bottom – Custom Size

 11-1/16” to 12” Diameter

304 Stainless Steel - Use in Mash Tun or Boil Kettle


Custom manufactured false bottom – between 11-1/16” and 12” in diameter (specify exact diameter in text box above).

Add an optional 1/2” dip tube hole in the center or any location you specify.

Add an optional hinge and/or handle(s) for easy installation and removal.

A stand may be necessary based on your application.

Click the FAQs link below for detailed information on our false bottoms, stands, and videos on:

§  Measuring your vessel to select the correct size Jaybird false bottom

§  Understanding the options that best fit your application

§  Learning more about INTEGRATED vs. SEPARATE false bottom stands 

FAQ about Jaybird False Bottoms

False Bottom FAQs? Click me! 


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Awesome 11/07/2018
By Tas Philp
This false bottom is a unique and brilliant solution for home brewers. It fits exactly in the mash tun so you get maximum area and also with the optional stand there's no high temp silicone to get in the way of stirring the mash. The people at NorCal were very helpful in answering questions. The construction is totally bomber. I love it!
average rating 100%
Grainfather false bottom 06/21/2021
By Charles Collins
Custom cut , awesome job works extremely well no problems with the pump flow, or issues with hops…..

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