Jaybird Custom Cut False Bottom, Handle, Hole, Integrated Stand, No Hinge
Jaybird Custom Cut False Bottom, Handle, Hole, Integrated Stand, No Hinge
Jaybird Separate Stand for False Bottoms 18 to 23 inches
Jaybird Heating Element Stand for False Bottoms 17 inches and larger

False Bottom - Custom Size - 17-1/16" - 18"

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Custom cut false bottom - 17-1/16" to 18" in diameter - Specify exact size at check-out.
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Additional instructions (ie - exact diameter, drill location of dip tube hole, etc):
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Jaybird False Bottom Custom Size

 17-1/16 to 18 Diameter

304 Stainless Steel - Use in Mash Tun or Boil Kettle


Custom manufactured false bottom between 17-1/16 and 18 in diameter (specify exact diameter in text box above).

Add an optional 1/2 dip tube hole in the center or any location you specify.

Add an optional hinge and/or handle(s) for easy installation and removal.

A stand may be necessary based on your application.

Click the FAQs link below for detailed information on our false bottoms, stands, and videos on:

  Measuring your vessel to select the correct size Jaybird false bottom

  Understanding the options that best fit your application

  Learning more about INTEGRATED vs. SEPARATE false bottom stands 

FAQ about Jaybird False Bottoms

False Bottom FAQs? Click me! 


Average rating:
average rating 100%
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Amazing quality 05/27/2015
By Jason
The false bottom is exactly the size of what I ordered and everything was done exactly to my specifications. The quality is top notch. When I do upgrade to a larger kettle I know where I am going to purchase the false bottom from. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a false bottom to purchase from Nor Cal Brewing Solutions.
average rating 100%
Awesome Customer Service 01/17/2017
By Kirk
I had just completed my new brewing system and on the first batch the false bottom collapsed. I went on line and found the Nor Cal false bottom and could see it was a better product. I placed an order and got a call a few hours later that it was ready and they wanted to confirm how to ship it. Jay ended up helping get it shipped overnight. So within 24 hours of ordering they made it and shipped it to my door from California to Michigan! It fit perfectly and performed great. I had a new brew going that day. Thanks Jay and the Nor Cal team!
average rating 100%
Perfect Fit 07/16/2016
By Kenney
Have not tried this False Bottom in operation because Iam still in the build stages,but the build quality is excellent and exact. They nailed the custom dimensions I provided ,a perfect fit to my 20 gallon Concord Kettle. The height is perfect, it fits between the thermometer stem and the dip tube. Fast shipping as well. Be sure your dimensions are exact and then buy with confidence.

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