Keg - Keggle Jaybird Reflux Still

Keg - Jaybird Reflux Still

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Brand New Keg Boiler plus Jaybird Convertible Reflux Components

SKU 3512

Jaybird Sanke Keg

Reflux Still with Dephlegmator

Sanke Keg Boiler INCLUDED


The quality design and engineering of Jaybird 2-Inch Tri Clover convertible functionality!

All the components of our “Jaybird Ultimate Keg Reflux Still” (SKU# 3508) but WITHOUT the 2” Tri Clover Sight Glass with Perf.

·         True “out of the box” solution. SANKE KEG, CLAMPS, GASKETS, and COPPER MESH INCLUDED.

Designed for distilling:

·         Spirits: Bourbon, Brandy, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Gin… you name it!

·         Essential Oils

·         Perfumes

·         Even water!

What does “Convertible” mean?

·         Stripping Still Mode – to run FAST!

·         Pot Still Mode – for flavored spirits: Bourbon, Brandy, Rum, Tequila

·         Gin Still Mode – for Gin and botanical extraction

·         Neutral Still Mode – for Vodka


·         Brand new, spear removed

·         58.6 Liter (15.5 gallon) capacity


·         Column is 7” x 2” diameter

·         2” Tri Clover connection

·         3 x 1/2" inner tubes, .049” thickness.

·         2 water ports (water in, water out). 1/2" outer diameter, .049 thickness

LYNE ARM (SKU# 3422):

·         2” Tri Clover Connection

·         Perforated stainless steel bottom disc

·         3 feet of copper mesh (SKU# 2554) included

·         3 Inch, high quality analog thermometer


·         Column is 31” x 1.5” diameter

·         1-1/2” Tri Clover connection to column

·         1/2” inner tube of .049 thickness. A total of 5 welded heat sinks assist in faster, more efficient condensing while using less water

·         2 water ports (water in, water out). 1/2" outer diameter, .049 thickness

·         Excellent for recirculation system

Already have a Sanke keg? We offer this same setup WITHOUT the boiler (SKU# 3513)

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