NorCal Brewing Solutions Grain Sparge Mash Cap - Barbed Connection
NorCal Brewing Solutions Grain Sparge Mash Cap - Barbed Connection
NorCal Brewing Solutions Sparge Diffusion Plate - Hose Barb Connection
NorCal Brewing Solutions Grain Sparge Mash Cap connection options

Grain Sparge Mash Cap - 1/2" Barb Connection

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NorCal Brewing Solutions Grain Sparge Mash Cap - 1/2" Barbed Hose Connection.

SKU 3834

Grain Mash Cap

1/2" Hose Barb Connection

304 Stainless Steel


If you are an all-grain brewer, get ready to take your sparging to a whole new level!

Mash cap sits comfortably on top of grain bed, under the liquid level, and solves several concerns of dedicated all grain brewers:

  • Diffuses incoming recirculated liquid over a larger surface area

  • Minimizes O2 (oxygen) exposure during recirculation

  • Helps in the prevention of channeling and shifting of the grain bed

  • Increases efficiency of sugar extraction

Design credit goes to Bracconeire - a well known and active supporter of; together we developed this product for his mash tun. The inspiration came from Bilsch - another well known member of HBT.

Built-in 1/2" Hose Barb connection (included) connects to tubing (not included) that brings in the recurculated wort. Use a ball valve (not included) to control flow volume.

Need something besides a Barbed Hose connection? Last picture shows other Grain Mash Cap connection types that are available.


  • 10" Diameter

  • 304 Stainless Steel

NEED A SMALLER or LARGER diameter mash cap? Contact Jaybird HERE.

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Great idea, great execution 09/09/2022
By Brian G.
I typically mash using Jaybird's Thirfty RIMS on an SS Brewtech mash tun. This replaced the SS recirc manifold on my last brew, and I saw several immediate benefits. Since this isn't going to get clogged, there was no need to do an initial recirc to clear grain particles before attaching the manifold (which meant no opening the lid to switch attachments, no singed fingers, and no loss of temp). SS's manifold would sink into the grainbed, making it harder to check flowrate and/or monitor levels during sparge. The screen stays nicely above the bed and visible. (And I didn't have any issue with compressing the grainbed.) Lastly, super easy to clean up, no worries about getting stubborn grains unstuck from tiny holes in long, twisty tubes.
average rating 100%
Mash cap 05/15/2024
By Matthew Kovarek
Great product

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