Jaybird Ultimate Mash Cap System Weldless

Ultimate Mash Cap System - Weldless

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Jaybird Mash Cap, sits on top of your mash, below the liquid level. Weldless sparge arm and 28" silicone tubing included.
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Stainless steel mash cap connects to tubing and sits on top of your grain bed, under the liquid level.

12-¾” Diameter standard should sit on top of your mash comfortably. The design solves several concerns of dedicated all grain brewers, as it helps eliminate O2 exposure during recirculation and channeling of the mash/grain bed during sparging. This should in turn increase efficiency in the mash.

Weldless sparge arm and high-temp silicone tubing allows you to install through a 7/8" hole near the top of your kettle, and transfer down to the mash cap. Comes with a MNPT Barbed fitting by default, but this can be swapped out for other options by using the pull-down menu.

Design credit goes to Bracconeire a well known and active supporter of www.homebrewtalk.com; together we developed this product for his mash tun. The inspiration came from Bilsch another well known member of HBT.

The system is totally customizable. If you want a larger diameter or smaller diameter perforated disc. Feel free to send me an email and I will happily quote it for you.

The material is 304 Stainless or better and the perf material is 16 gauge stainless with 3/32 holes on 5/32 centers. It’s the same material we have been using for our world-renowned Jaybird False Bottoms systems for the last 15 years.

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