Jaybird Speidel Fermenter CO2 Transfer System
Jaybird Speidel Fermenter CO2 Transfer System
Jaybird Speidel Fermenter CO2 Transfer System Closeup View
Jaybird Speidel Fermenter CO2 Transfer System Exploded View
NorCal Brewing Solutions Stainless Steel Racking Cane Family

Speidel CO2 Transfer System

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Replaces air lock at top of Speidel fermenter. Connecting lock-ring sold separately as part of OEM Spigot. This model racking cane length is insufficient to reach the bottom of 120L Speidel Fermenters; new sizes coming soon!
SKU 3304
Racking Cane Type:

Speidel CO2 Transfer Kit

Fill and Transfer from ANY Speidel Tank!

304 Stainless Steel


NEW!!! Replace the standard racking cane with a custom connection racking cane (scroll to the bottom for details).

This is essentially three of our product offerings engineered into a single device:

·         Racking Cane – Stainless Steel – Standard (SKU# 2983)

·         Jaybird Speidel Half Inch NPT Adapter (SKU# 2866)

·         Full Port Ball Valve (SKU# 0138)

With this kit, a CO2 tank with regulator, a few feet of hose, and a few hardware fittings you are set to:

·         Use the Adjustable Racking Cane to transfer liquid in or out

·         Close the Full Port Ball Valve to pressurize the liquid and/or gas inside the fermenter.

·         Attach a blow-off hose to the Full Port Ball Valve using your favorite 1/2" NPT Male connector, then open the valve to expel CO2 from fermenting wort

·         Use the Adjustable Racking Cane to extract lees, yeast or trub from the bottom of the Speidel, leaving clean beer or wine behind

-       Or  -

·         Use the racking cane to rack finished product off the yeast and into bottles or kegs

·         Use the built-in CO2 Ball Lock connector to force carbonate contents under controlled regulator pressure, then serve contents after reducing regulator pressure

Adapts to your current connecting hardware of choice:

·         Hook up any 1/2" NPT male connecting item (sold separately) - such as Cam Lock, Quick Disconnect, or hose barb fitting - to the Full Port Ball Valve to transfer gas or liquid in or out of the Speidel.

Works with ALL Speidel Fermenters and Tanks larger than 12L (3.2 gallons)


·         All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

Racking Cane Specifics:

·         Over-all length is 29 inches long

·         Draw tube is .5” outer diameter. Accepts any type of .5” inner diameter hose

·         Pass-through compression fitting slides up and down the draw tube, adjusting to fit any size Speidel tank or fermenter

·         High temperature o-ring sits inside compression fitting – Prevents liquid and gas from passing through fitting

·         Use the included Siphon Stem Tip to prevent trub or lees from being transferred from the bottom of the vessel.

 Full Port Ball Valve:

·         High temperature vinyl covered handle

·         Standard 1/2" NPT Female connection on outlet side allows you to connect 1/2" NPT Male fitting of your choice (sold separately) such as:

·         Hose barb connector for CO2 blow-off

·         Cam Lock connections

·         Quick Disconnect connections

 CO2 Ball Lock Connector:

·         Use a standard “Gas In” Ball Lock (SKU# 0132 or SKU# 0134 – sold separately) to quickly connect and disconnect CO2 source

PLEASE NOTE: Speidel tanks and fermenters come with ONE lock ring (as part of the spigot). To use this Transfer Kit you will need an ADDITIONAL lock ring, which is part of Speidel OEM Spigot (SKU# 2807).

NEW!!! Use the pull-down menu to replace the standard racking cane with one of the following connection type racking canes:

·         .75 inch Tri Clover connection (SKU# 3104)

·         1.5 inch Tri Clover connection (SKU# 2882)

·         2 inch Tri Clover connection (SKU# 3102)

·         1/2" NPT Male connection (SKU# 3093)

·         Liquid Out Ball Lock connection (SKU# 3103)

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Featured positive reviews:

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Speidel Pressure Transfer System 06/21/2021
By Andrew Matthews
Brewing used to mean lifting five to ten gallons of hot wort, waiting for gravity to do its thing, siphoning cooled wort into a car boy, finally lifting the carboy into a fermentation chamber then lifting it out to siphon my new brew into my kegs.

Pumps and hoses took care of the hot side, but NORCAL Brewing Solutions Speidel Pressure Transfer System is a game changer for the cold side.

Once fermentation is complete, I can have CO2 push my new brew into my kegs and it never touches air! I don't even have to lift my fermenter (who wants to lug ten gallons of beer) out of my fermentation chamber (15 cu/ft chest freezer)! I just attach a CO2 hose and the beer hose to the nicely machined stainless steel fittings and add a little pressure. The CO2 pushes your beer into the keg, as the keg fills, it displaces the the little CO2 you start with in the keg. Beer for CO2, now that's a great trade!

There is a little bit of assembly required, but that is nothing compared to the ease of use.
average rating 100%
Straight forward 08/04/2020
By Nathan
In one day I racked 9x 40 gal batches of wine. I'd start the transfer, clean/sanitize a barrel, have a bit of time to break, then get the next batch ready for transfer. All by myself. 30 minutes total time each, but really 15 minutes-ish actual gas on fluid flowing. I could get that time lower if I tried. It can also be used to start flow then open air gravity siphon, but it does take longer. Probably going to buy a 2nd one. Maybe buy a spare mating flange, I dropped it first thing and bent it, a hammer and vise did fix it though.
average rating 100%
Oxygen free transfer 07/12/2022
By George Bestptich
Worked great first time I used it, just for transfer.
Second time I filled my Fermentor, pitched my yeast and put on the the oxyfree transfer set up. Forgot to pull the bottom of thetube up over the top of the liquid level of wort. Next morning I got up and checked my fermentor and all the wort siphoned out on to the floor. What a dummy I was , that won’t happen again
I will continue to use the system and make sure I keep the bottom of the dip tube way above the top of the wort.

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