Jaybird Hex NPT Male Threaded Adapter for Speidel

Speidel 1/2" MNPT Hex Adapter

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Hex NPT Male adapter for Speidel fermenters and storage tanks. Connecting lock-ring sold separately as part of OEM Spigot.

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Jaybird™ Speidel 1/2" Hex NPT Male Adapter

Fits ALL Sizes and Models of Speidel Plastic Fermenters

304 Stainless Steel


Stainless steel half inch (1/2”) Hex NPT Male Adapter can be used at the TOP or BOTTOM ports of any Speidel fermenter or tank to provide:

·         1/2" NPT Male connection INSIDE the fermenter and 1/2” Hex NPT Male connection OUTSIDE the fermenter.

The 1/2" NPT connection opens up a world of “direct connection” possibilities inside AND outside the Speidel fermenter or tank. Some examples:

·         Ball Valve.

·         Clean-in-Place (CIP) Rotating Spray Ball or stationary Spray Head.

·         Quick Disconnect Components.

·         Camlock Components.

·         Tri-Clover / Tri-Clamp components.

·         Anything else you dream up!

Designed to fit ALL models and sizes of Speidel plastic fermenters.

·         Includes our custom-manufactured silicone “V-groove” gasket (SKU# 3064) for superior leak-free attachment. Replaces standard rubber gasket provided by Speidel.

Replaces stock plastic Speidel spigot, and uses stock Speidel lock ring for leak-free attachment.

PLEASE NOTE: Speidel tanks and fermenters come with ONE lock ring (as part of the spigot). To use this NPT Adapter at the same time the Spigot is attached you will need an ADDITIONAL lock ring, which is part of Speidel OEM Spigot (SKU# 2807).


·         304 Stainless Steel

·         Silicone “V-groove” gasket

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