2 Inch Tri Clover Sight Glass Dry Hop Kit

2" Tri Clover Sight Glass Dry Hop Kit

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Chute-style Dry Hop Kit allows you to connect to the 2" TC port on the top of your fermenter, or connect to a 3" port by using in conjunction with our 3" Tri Clover Blow Off with 2" Tri Clover Connect! (SKU #3838, sold separately). Butterfly valve may come with a blue composite handle, or a stainless steel handle, depending on availability.
SKU 3839

Jaybirdô 2 Inch Tri Clover Sight Glass Dry Hop Kit


This assembly gives you three items clamped together:.

         2" TC Gas In with PRV (SKU #3720)

         2" TC Sight Glass (SKU #2012)

         2" TC Squeeze Trigger Butterfly Valve (SKU #3836)

Fill with hops and purge oxygen using CO2, then open the valve and drop them in through the top of your fermenter! Want more volume? Add on a customizable 2" TC extension spool, (SKU #2784, sold separately).

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