Jaybird Tank Tube Hanger Whirlpool Kit - 1/2 Inch x custom length

Tank Tube Hanger Whirlpool Kit

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Jaybird Tank Tube Hanger Whirlpool Kit - 1/2" tube diameter. Custom cut to your specified length

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Length desired (5-3/4" to 36"):

Jaybird Tank Tube Hanger Whirlpool Tube Kit

Cut to Your Specified Length 5-3/4 to 36

304 Stainless Steel


Have a unique application requiring a specific length of whirlpool tube?

How about being able to ADJUST the length of the tube higher or lower? Being able to adjust the angle of the tube flow?

Would you like the tube to be attached to the side of your vessel? How about easily REMOVABLE at any time during the brew session with NO TOOLS required?

NorCal Brewing Solutions has the solution!

Thumb bolt allows tube to be attached to side of vessel at vessel top. Simply loosen the bolt and remove the tube at any time!

Pass-through compression fitting allows tube to be raised and lowered within the vessel, and turned to various flow angles within the vessel.

The bottom of the tube (the horizontal length of the L) is 3-1/2. Specify the over-all vertical length of the L (from the bottom of the L, including tube diameter of 1/2") in the text box above.

Total tube length can be as short as 5-3/4 inches and as long as 36 inches.

Accuracy guaranteed to within 1/8.


         All components are 304 Stainless Steel

         Thumb bolt allows easy attachment / removal of tube from vessel

         Pass-through compression fitting allows adjusting tube outlet up and down within the vessel, as well as angle

         You specify length, and we make it to within 1/8 of your specification

         Tube is 1/2 outer diameter

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