Jaybird Whirlpool Master Beer Brewing Paddle - LONG
Jaybird Whirlpool Master Beer Brewing Paddle - LONG
Jaybird LONG Whirlpool Master Beer Brewing Paddle blade bottom
Jaybird Whirlpool Master Beer Brewing Paddle Long Top View
Jaybird LONG Whirlpool Master Beer Brewing Paddle drill chuck adapter

Brewing Paddle - Whirlpool Master - LONG

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LONG version of Whirlpool Master paddle with built in hex bit. Permanently sealed tip.
SKU 3413

Jaybird™ “Whirlpool Master” Paddle LONG

304 Stainless Steel – 30” Long, 5” Blades

Built-in 3/8” Hex Bit


Our very best whirlpool paddle featuring built in hex bit. Works with all 1/2" drills and MOST 3/8” drills (see note at bottom)

A full EIGHT INCHES longer than our standard “Whirlpool Master” (SKU# 3068)

Permanently welded tip. Shaft is completely sealed top and bottom.

Even using a low-speed drill, this paddle creates an unbelievable amount of swirl in any boil kettle.

Does the ultimate job of “coning” hops, trub, and adjuncts in the middle of the kettle and away from kettle walls.


·         Use with a power drill at higher speed settings to aerate wort (after cooling) for enhanced yeast activity

·         Extended length (30.5 inch over-all, including hex bit) to reach deep into large kettles and brew vessels

·         Much better than plastic spoons or paddles – WON’T BEND or WARP when exposed to heat!

·         Drill end: Features welded 3/8” hex bit so you can optionally attach to a power drill for the ultimate in easy whirlpooling.

·         Blade end:

·         3/32” holes on 5/32” centers – Made from the same material as our famous Jaybird False Bottoms

·         Allows the perfect amount of liquids and solids to pass through the blades to create a strong whirlpool

·         Creates a strong, whip-like aeration in cooled wort when used with a power drill. Yeast LOVE the extra oxygen this infuses!

·         Fully closed, rounded tip allows you to position paddle all the way down in the kettle. Trub or wort can’t enter the paddle tube

·         Quality construction –Made in USA.

NOTE: Our 3/8” stainless hex bit measures EXACTLY 3/8”. MOST, but not ALL 3/8” drills will accept this bit. Some 3/8” drill brands are just shy of actually opening a full 3/8”. To play it safe, we recommend that you have a 1/2” drill on hand.


YouTube Video: Master Whirlpool Paddle

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